Design and manufacture of parts and accessories

Furniture and structures in stainless steel

Manufacture of all types of furniture with stainless steel sheet quality 304, 316L certified material with sanitary finishes and GMP regulatory compliance.

Tailor-made parts and spare parts

Manufacture of gear, shafts, tailor-made mechanical equipment, feeder rollers, dispensers, tailor-made parts in stainless steel and/or engineering plastics, Nylon, Empack, Teflon.

Electrical power panels and Electrical control panels

Design, development and programming of force and control panels under the RETIE standard, with recognized brands such as Siemens, SEW Eurodrive, Omron, Festo.

Design, cutting and manufacturing of CNC and laser systems

Manufacture of tailor-made parts using CNC computerized numerical control equipment. Cutting and marking of all types of parts and materials in laser.